Barcode Based Digital Library Management Software For School College

Glibrary is advanced and elegant library management or resource center management system designed and supported by Gayatri software. Library management system software is ERP-based software designed and developed to manage all the library functions for schools, colleges, and libraries. Glibrary maintain, organize, & handle countless books systematically is to implement a library management system software that suitable for libraries, colleges, and schools. Glibrary is library management software developed by Gayatri Software Services Pvt Ltd, India. It is designed to manage physical collections of items (books, CD's, videos, reference, etc.) as well as managing E-books and membership records. Glibrary is available web-based as well as Installation based, with a SQL database backend with cataloguing data stored in MARC. The user interface is very configurable and adaptable also we provide customization as per requirement of particular library.

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